New to Tohoku?

If you are an experienced judoka (novice to advanced) you may visit and/or join at any time. If you are new to judo, please visit a Monday, Wednesday or Friday night class to discuss our program.

 Dues  USJF Fees*
Adults $60/month $70/yr
Juniors $30/month $70/yr
College Students $40/month $70/yr
Family Discounted $70/yr/person
*Tohoku members must maintain USJF membership

Children may start practicing judo when they can follow the coaches’ directions and not disrupt the class. That’s usually four to six years old.



Senior Class


Students starting out may wear sweatpants from home and can probably borrow one of the club’s jackets (judogi) for the first few classes. Women and girls should always wear a plain white teeshirt under their gi. Any jewelry must be removed or covered with athletic tape. Hair ties must not contain metal or hard plastic.
We stock a small supply of judogis, various brands and sizes. Special-orders may be requested.

Gear bags, shirts, patches, and miscellaneous items are also available for sale.

A Nafuda Kake is displayed in the front of the dojo.