Tohoku Judo Club is one of New England’s oldest Judo clubs. We operate with a full staff of dedicated, volunteer instructors and coaches, many of whom started their Judo journey at Tohoku and continue to serve the Judo community. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit which allows us to offer lower membership rates thereby making Judo accessible to a larger membership.

Tohoku Judo Club and its members are part of the United States Judo Federation, the oldest Judo Organization in the U.S.

As a very diverse program with Judoka from many different countries, our adult program and children’s program currently have over 130 members, offering classes 5 nights a week for adults and 3 nights a week for children. Our training facilities are fully equipped with high-quality mats and provide a comfortable and safe place to practice Judo. All classes are taught by experienced instructors who are passionate about Judo and about helping beginner and advanced students achieve their goals, whether fitness, self-defense, or competition.

Due to COVID concerns, Tohoku Judo Club continues to be cautious. ALL students, visitors and spectators are required to provide proof of COVID vaccinations.

If you are interested in visiting the dojo, please email us to schedule your  “first time” visit date.

Our email is:

Our dojo phone is: 617-491-0520 (available mostly during class times)

Our address: 2322 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA (map) (2nd floor) 


Click below to see a video of our kids competing in the 2024 Connecticut Judo Open (created by our student, Yunhong Min)